We are an NFT company that develops ideas on the Solana network to find collective solutions beyond RottenVille. We created RottenLab as the possibility to build a future for everyone, our vision is to create an ecosystem based on three main pillars:

1- The Ville:

Community is the foundation of every decentralized company, through our DAO to develop projects that promote community assets.

2- Rotten Collection:

We are building economic and utility systems around our art. We devised a brand that approaches the traditional world and helps to break down barriers; a brand that conveys a message: NFTs are an inevitable Cultural Revolution.

3- RottenVerse:

Times are changing rapidly, and we want to actively respond to the transitions in the digital world and entertainment. Web 3.0 identity, interactivity with NFT 2.0, and a game without network restrictions are our main goals for our Rottenverse.

We move forward with conviction towards the future, building within the community is the way to a true Cultural Revolution…

The day

everything changed

Something terrible has happened, a radioactive explosion has turned us into rotten people.

More than just a


RottenVille is a project created by CabezaRota, an Animation and Design Studio with more than 10 years of experience. We are an innovative group of enthusiastic artists, developers, and communicators, who seek to bring all our experience in the different fields to develop a unique project of great magnitude and impact not only in Latin America but also of global resonance.

Jimmy Morales Project Manager
Jose Galvis 3d Artist
Juan Lamus Developer
Cristian Moreno Growth Lead
Sergio Galvis 3D Artist
Jorge Carrillo Developer
Emilio Romero Developer


RottenVille is a high graphic quality NFT project that actively responds to the technological challenges and trends of the blockchain. We are constantly evolving for and with our community.

RottenVille is a long-term project and is distributed into 3 phases/collections: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, whose benefits and designs are unique among them, giving an exclusive value to each Collection complementing each other to build a self-sustainable development ecosystem project, working hand in hand with the community.

Right now is only possible to acquire an Alpha Rottten NFT from the Alpha phase collection in the secondary market, The mint value for the Beta phase is not defined yet.

We want to evolve the RottenVille project and the community together with the mission that everyone can participate in the exploration zones. The Holders of RottenVille are contributing ideas and opinions for the upcoming phases. We believe in the self-governance of art.

Right now is only possible to buy or get a Rotten through the secondary market (Magic Eden). We are in the development stage of the Beta Phase, and the release date has not been defined yet.

Yes, the Alpha phase has its rarity site already built and talking about the Beta phase, you will be able to consult the traits directly from the RottenVerse.

Absolutely. Once you mint a Rotten, all intellectual property rights are entirely yours.

We set royalties for the Alpha collection at 4%, and the best thing is that 50% of these royalties are distributed to the treasury wallet of The Rottens DAO (The Official Holders Community). Royalties have not been defined yet for the Beta phase.

Yes. The RottenVille Alpha Collection is already listed on Magic Eden. We are in contact with Magic Eden to launch the Beta phase from their site.

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