Is a true example of a customizable/interactive NFT,
on Solana

NFTs are an inevitable

Cultural Revolution

Beta Rotten follows a post-apocalyptic story, regarding a few rotten guys whose only goal is to survive. Their characters are created in real 3D on the Solana network, ready to interact with our Rotten Verse (web 3.0.)


Hi, I’m not sure if you know, but a nuclear explosion has destroyed everything we had... Where you see tragedy, we see opportunity. although We’re rotten and have nothing going on for us, we have survived, and we’re leading a revolution. Remember, while the dead inhabit the cemetery, the real Rottens will stand.

The classes

Alliances & Enemies, Surviving is the key to our success, accepting the radiation and making it part of us has been our journey to success. Classes are the inevitability of the progress of our society.

Divine Agony

Those blessed with agony will be the ones who carry the Hammer of Justice

Green Blood

The first and the last ones worthy are those who carry The Green Blood.


Lightning Spirits, the indomitable beings with a great connection to Energy.

The Dark Quietus

Tamers of the Eternal silence, the walkers bound to the Void's disgrace.


10 of us are special. They have exclusive features which make them not only the Supreme of the collection, but will also accompany their own unique Rotten-Toy.

We will learn more about them soon

Unique Rottens!

It has been hard to survive, however, these guys have adapted well, making the most of what they have. They may be rotten, but never lose their style.

Beta Rotten:

Beta Rotten: compiled of more than 110 unique traits!


This is how the cultural revolution is possible

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